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Concerning the end times

Come out of her, My people - come out of what, who, when. Time is passing.

The Tribes of Israel - their punishment for idolatry. What is happening today?

Paul to the Galatians - what did he really advise the Galatians to do?

WORMWOOD - What is it according to Scripture? A widespread deadly poison!

The Torah is Forever - No, it was not done away with. His Word is unchanging forever.

Chart of Great Tribulation - Jacob’s trouble in revelation to Daniel and John.

Enoch’s Remarkable Prophecy - prophecy from the beginning to the present day.

Concerning Creation

Creation - the exciting account of the Beginnings

Adam - was he the first man on the earth or not?

The Great Flood - did it happen? Where was it?

Map of Area of Noah’s Flood - probable extent of the flood

Birth of Noah - from the Book of Enoch and Book of Yahshar

All of the Earth - does it mean the whole planet or what?

Yahuah’s Seven Covenants - six have happened the seventh is soon coming!

Chart of Seven Covenants of Yahuah - a table of the Seven Covenants

Yahusha and His Teachings

The Seventy Weeks Ministry of Yahusha - the genuine 70 weeks, not 3½ years

Chart of the Seventy Weeks Ministry - a detailed chart of the time of Ministry

Last Supper or Passover? - Yahusha’s last meal, which was it?

My Sabbaths or your sabbaths - how to tell the important difference between the two

The Birth of Yahusha - the  birth of the Lamb of Yahuah

The ROCK - “On this ROCK” Yahusha said. Which ROCK does He mean?

Lawlessness - His Torah or Instructions, life by obedience or death by lawlessness

Feasts of Yahuah in Acts - what the disciples faithfully followed after Yahusha left

The Pearl of Great Price - how to become more beautiful every day

Stumbling Blocks - these cause others to trip and fall over

Concerning Set-apart People and Gentiles

Who are the Set-apart People? - was there a chosen race or nation?

Who are the Gentiles? - did you know there are three categories of gentiles?

Who were the Cushites? - is it another name for “Ethiopian” or is there more to it?

Phillip and the Cushite - Who was the Cushite who met Philip in his travels?

The Times of the Gentiles - Is time running out for us to get it right? Yes, it is!

Divisions of Yisrael - where will we stand in these last days?


Nicolaitanism - Yahusha said He hates it. Why?

Another - Another of the SAME kind or of a DIFFERENT kind?

The Sabbath - Is keeping the Sabbath for today? Yes, it is forever!

New Moon or Dark Moon - when should we start counting the days?

The BRANCH - we look into the olive trees and branches, past, present and future

The Lawgiver - the Sceptre and the Lawgiver. Who holds these positions today?

Watchmen - scriptures about good watchmen, bad watchmen, indifferent watchmen

Intercessors and Mediators - are they different from each other?

Forgiveness - something we all need from the Father

Banners - His banner over me is love

Stories - various interesting short stories about bible subjects

Scottish Descendants of Zarah Yahudah - a study for my children and anyone else

Yahuah is my shepherd, I do not lack. He makes me to lie down in

 green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

There is nothing new under the sun, or in the water! Yochanen (John) who was born to go before the Messiah and prepare the way for him, was immersing people unto repentance in the River Yarden (Jordan). This was not something he had dreamed up himself but was the Mikveh, long carried out among the Hebrew people as a cleansing or new beginning. One day when Yochanen was telling the people who followed him that the long-awaited Messiah was soon coming to deliver them, Yahusha came to the river and was immersed.

Where is the Holy Grail?

This is about the so-called "holy grail", the cup from which Yahusha’s disciples drank at the last supper. Men have searched for it for two thousand years, wars have been fought over it but no one has ever found it. Now I believe I know what the cup was and why no one has ever found it since that night.

For a very long time the High Priest took blood of the specially chosen lamb at Passover and once a year went into the Holy of Holies and sprinkled the blood on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. This was to cover the sins of the people for another year. The blood of the Lamb would keep the judgment of Yahuah from them for another year.

On the night before He died, Yahusha called His disciples together and told them to book a certain room so He could eat and drink with them to keep the Passover.

His blood, as the Lamb of Yahuah, was the blood that would extend forgiveness to mankind not just for a year but forever to eternity when they obeyed and believed Him.

The blood of the Lamb of Yahuah had to be in the solid gold vessel which was handled only by the High Priest once a year. The Creator Yahuah owned all the vessels of the temple. They were His, not touched by anyone but the Levitical Priests and the High Priest or Cohen Gadal was the only one who would touch the vessel that held the blood of the perfect lamb once a year.

He must have asked one of the Priests to bring Him the gold vessel from the temple. At the last supper with His disciples the scene is well described in the Scriptures, He took the vessel with wine in it, blessed it and said "This is My blood ..........." It would not have changed into blood as all of them drank a sip from it but this was symbolising the "blood of the Lamb" that had been promised for all those years. His blood was the blood that was to be spilled on the Mercy Seat.

The gold vessel was returned to the temple to be with the rest of the gold vessels used to minister to Yahuah at His command. It would have melted down with all the other gold when the temple was razed to the ground and set on fire and the gold melted into the cracks. The invaders took apart every stone from another to prise out the gold so not a stone was left standing. This was ordained by Yahuah because they would not stop the animal sacrifices. The Lamb of Yahuah had been born and died and His blood was spilled. The blood of sacrificial animals was no longer needed to rehearse this great event but the Hebrews as usual, most of them that is, kept right on as before with their rituals. The only way to stop them was to have the temple destroyed so that not a stone was left standing.

Thanks be to Yahuah our Father who showed me how and why all this happened. No wonder all the thousands of men who have searched for the "holy grail" have found nothing. Only the Priests were allowed to touch the gold vessels of the temple after following the ritual washing and putting on of fresh clean garments. No unclean hands were allowed to touch anything to do with the temple, only the priests.

Our High Priest Yahusha the Messiah fulfilled that which had been faithfully rehearsed since the Hebrews were released from slavery and crossed the Red Sea, following Moshe to Mount Sinai to receive the Commandments of our Creator Yahuah.

June Shaw


He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High,

who abides under the shadow of the Almighty,

He is saying of Yahuah, “My refuge and my stronghold,

My Elohim, in whom I trust”

For He delivers you from the snare of a trapper,

from the destructive pestilence.

He covers you with His feathers,

and under His wings you take refuge.

His truth is a shield and armour.

Psalm 91: 1 - 4

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