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The Lawgiver

Bereshith (Genesis) 49: 10 The sceptre shall not turn aside from Yahudah (Judah) nor a Lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh comes and to him is the obedience of peoples.

The sceptre, signifying the royal line, belonged to Yahusha the Messiah as His right when He was born. He was the Heir Apparent in the line of kings from the time of King David. At His return He will be the King of Kings (Rev. 19:16).

The two Herods, father and son, usurped the throne of Yisrael ruling by force and cruelty and they had no right to be rulers of Yisrael, being foreigners. They were at enmity with Yochanan (John) and Yahusha from the time they were born and sought to destroy them.

The royal line held in trust awaiting the coming of the Messiah, continued from the time of King David in 1000 BCE until the birth of Yahusha as recorded in His genealogy in Luke 3:23 - 31. The genealogy in Matthew 1 is the genealogy of Yoseph, Miriam’s husband, not that of Yahusha.

Throughout the scriptures there are a number of instances of the title of Lawgiver being applied, firstly to Yahuah Himself -

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 33:22 For Yahuah is our Judge, Yahuah is our Lawgiver, Yahuah is our Sovereign, He saves us.

James 4:12 There is one Lawgiver and Judge, who is able to save and to destroy.

Yahuah is the primary Lawgiver, as the Torah given through Moshe is His instructions to His people Yisrael.

Yahuah chose two righteous men, Ya’aqob (Jacob) and also Moshe (Moses) to give a blessing upon each of the tribes of Yisrael.

In his blessing to the twelve tribes of Yisrael on his deathbed, Ya’aqob said to his fourth son Yahudah -

Bereshith (Genesis) 49: 10 “The sceptre shall not turn aside from Yahudah nor a Lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh comes and to him is the obedience of peoples”.

The role of the Lawgiver and the kingly line was given to Yahudah (Judah) not forever, but only until Shiloh who is Yahusha was born.

This prophecy was fulfilled to the very letter from King David until the time of Yahusha covering 1000 years or so.

In his blessing to the twelve tribes of Yisrael, all sons of Ya’aqob, prior to his departure from this world, Moshe said to Gad, the seventh son of Ya’aqob.

Debarim (Deut.) 33: 20, 21 And of Gad he said “Blessed is he who enlarges Gad. He dwells as a lion and shall tear off the arm, also the crown. And he chose the best for himself, for there the portion of the lawgiver was hidden. And he came with the heads of the people. The righteousness of Yahuah he did, and his right rulings with Yisrael”.

This prophecy is still being fulfilled today.

In the KJV bible part of the above verse Deut 33:21 reads: “Because there, in a portion of the lawgiver, was he seated”.

Every instance in the Concordance indicates that the portion of the lawgiver was “hidden” not “seated”. The discrepancy probably arose because of the similarity of the two Hebrew words - “caphan” meaning “seated” and “catham” meaning “concealed”, “hidden” or veiled from sight.

Song of Deborah the wonderful Judge of the tribe of Ephraim whose story is told in the book of The Shophetim (Judges) is very interesting.

In her Song of Thanksgiving to Yahuah in chapter 5 she describes the attributes of each of the ten tribes known as Ephraim.

Shophetim 5: 14 says “Out of Machir lawgivers came down”.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 32:39 says, “Machir is the firstborn son of Menasseh”.

However the Lawgiver blessing is upon Gad not on Menasseh.  

All of the other nine tribes, except the tribe of Menasseh (which is called Gilead) are mentioned by name, but the particular tribe of Gad is not named, therefore is hidden as Moshe foretold.

Bemidbar 13:15.  Machi was the father of Geuel one of the men who were sent by Moshe to spy out the promised land. He sent one man from each of the twelve tribes to perform this duty.

Machi was the father of the man of the tribe of Gad sent to spy out the promised land.

Many translations of scripture including KJV have unwittingly replaced the name of the man “Machi” who was from the tribe of Gad, with that of another man “Machir”, but we have already seen that Machir was of the tribe of Menasseh!

This wrongly places the lawgiver blessing on Menasseh instead of Gad.

The tribe of Menasseh is mentioned later in the Song of Deborah as “Gilead”.

Shophetim 5:14 therefore should read “Out of Machi lawgivers came down”, but of course the true identity has been hidden until now.

All versions of scripture have made this mistake.

The role of Lawgiver apparently is held in trust for Yahuah, and was placed in the hands of Yahudah’s kingly line for 1000 years until Shiloh came, and now through the 2000 years or so of the apostolic age. That role is now held in trust for Yahuah by descendents of the tribe of Gad. They must be somewhere in the world in order to fulfill the blessings and prophecies of Moshe and Deborah. The members of the tribes of Yisrael can be those belonging to a tribe by reason of birth, or those grafted in to a tribe by their believing in His Word. Only Yahuah knows who belongs to which tribe. Shiloh is the kingly title of the Messiah.

It seems there must have been righteous persons of the tribe of Gad who have been implicitly following the Torah, Yahuah’s instructions to Yisrael, right through the ages from the time of the birth of Yahusha and the time of the Apostles until the present day. The tribes have been scattered around the world like salt is sprinkled on a meal, as Yahusha said to His disciples “You are the salt of the earth”.

Salt sprinkled on a meal soon becomes hidden!

It is difficult dealing with a subject that is hidden, but we can be certain that some people ministering the true Word of Yahuah, keeping hold of all of Yahuah’s instructions could be fulfilling this role without realising their connection to the tribe of Gad, since Moshe prophesied, “the portion of the lawgiver was hidden in the tribe of Gad”.

These instructions include observing the Moedim (Feasts of Yahuah) and the Sabbaths in the way that Yahuah instructed according to His Commandments.We must be doing it His way and not adhering to the commandments of men.

The role of the Lawgiver has been given to righteous Torah keeping people descended from the tribe of Gad until Judgment Day. Then Yahuah Himself will take over and be the ultimate Judge and Lawgiver to all people.

This is manifesting itself today in these end times in the people who love and follow the Torah of Yahuah which was given to Moshe to teach to the people.

The Torah of Yahuah has been hidden in Gad’s descendants for approximately 2,000 years, but is now at this time being followed by His chosen remnant who are scattered about the world. This remnant is blessed with the Word of Yahuah written on their hearts and they are taught by the Ruach haQodesh (Spirit) Himself. Praise to Yahuah!

Neville Shaw


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