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Our Testimony

We were greatly blessed in 2001 by being given the greatest gift from our Father of the truth of His everlasting Word when we realised that to find the truth we have to return to His Torah or Instructions.

Once you reject the man-made commandments and embrace His Words it all becomes clear.

In our Articles we earnestly desire to transport you back to the original plan of Yahuah before it was taught to us in a polluted form, altered by men.

Those who changed His Word to their words have passed on into oblivion, but the Word of our Father goes on into eternity.

Remember what Yahusha said

“Ask and you shall receive”

Go on, ask Him!

Many sites have been  named as the route for the Exodus, but this crossing site from Nuweiba (PiHahiroth) to the Arabian coast opposite on the Gulf of Akaba answers the description given in the scriptures.

The land bridge now is about 800 feet  under the sea and consisted of much sand and gravel that was washed there at the time of the great flood from the wadis on each side of the Gulf; but 2,500 years ago when the Hebrew people crossed with Moshe (Moses) the water depth at the crossing point could have been much less. With the movement of the tides and currents since then it has washed away to a greater depth.

Mt Sinai in Arabia fulfils all the criteria set out in the scriptures including


Solomon built a tall column etched with inscriptions on each side of the crossing site which are still there today.

The large flat plain of Rephidim where the Hebrew people assembled is adjacent to Mt Sinai. Wherever they travelled they etched the rocks outlining the sandals on their feet and these are still evident today and are not only in Rephidim but also wherever they wandered.

There are excellent photos of this area particularly of the mountain and sites mentioned by Moses available on Google Earth where you can see it all set out.

And let right-ruling roll on like water and righteousness like a mighty stream

 (Amos 5:24)