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Were Elisheba and Miriam cousins?

It is common belief among many people that Yochanan (John) the Immerser’s mother Elisheba (Elizabeth) and Yahusha’s mother Miriam (Mary) were cousins, in fact the KJV actually tells us in Luke 1:36,37 “And behold thy cousin Elizabeth, she has also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her who was called barren. For with God nothing shall be impossible”.

Strong’s Concordance 4773 says - a relative, a fellow countryman, cousin, kinsman or kinsfolk.

Now James Strong was a Christian and as Christianity does away with the so-called “Old Testament” and the instructions of Yahuah concerning the tribes of Yisrael, he would not have taken into account the fact that the Levites did not marry into the other tribes. That would account for the accepted notion of “cousin”, but countryman, kinsfolk give us the more correct Hebrew meaning.

In The Scriptures, Luke 1:5 “There was in the days of Herodes,  the sovereign of Yahudah, a certain priest named Zekaryah (Zechariah) of the division of Abiyah. And his wife was of the daughters of Aharon (Aaron) and her name was Elisheba.

Elisheba was born into the tribe of Levi, as also was her husband Zekaryah. On the other hand, Miriam was a Yehudite as we see from Luke 1:27 “A maiden engaged to a man whose name was Yosef, of the house of David. And the maiden’s name was Miriam”.

Also she is identified as belonging to the tribe of Yahudah in her genealogy in Luke 3:23-33.

Therefore as Elisheba and Miriam were of different tribes, and the Levites did not marry into other tribes, they could not have been cousins. As soon as Gabriel said to Miriam - Luke 1:36 - that Elisheba was six months with child, Miriam immediately left her home and went to be with Elisheba until the baby was born.

They both would have attended all of the prescribed Feasts in Yerushalayim and would have been close friends, even like mother and daughter, but were not cousins.

The King of Kings is returning

Please do not wait around for the returning Messiah to take up any earthly throne! It will not happen. The King of Yisrael will be returning as King of Kings and Lord of Lords with his title written on his banner. (Not his thigh, that is a misreading of the Hebrew word).

He is the heir of the Throne of David and was born as the heir to that reign when He was born in the sheepfold at Beyth Lehem (Bethlehem). The two Herods, father and son, both steeped in wickedness were not of the line of David, a fact of which they were fully aware. They were Idumeans and usurpers of the throne in Jerusalem and they would have been also familiar with  the prophecies pointing to the birth of the real King. This is why Herod known as the ‘butcher’ ordered his guards to kill all the baby boys under two years of age. Yahusha was saved from this carnage by an angel telling Yosef to take Miriam and the baby and flee into Egypt where they stayed for two years until Herod died.

Then later his son Herod in his turn was keeping his eye on Yochanen (John) and on Yahusha with an intent to have them both killed if they looked like being the promised King of Yisrael. He agreed to Yochanen being beheaded at the request of his queen who was livid at the way Yochanen would publicly and fearlessly denounce her to the people (Herod had his first queen murdered so he could marry another man’s wife). Then, of course, we know how he mocked Yahusha when he was sent to him by Pilate and put a kingly robe over His beaten and bloodied shoulders, and had a crown of thorns pushed onto His head.

Yochanen’s parents knew that he was a special child with a purpose given by heaven after the special circumstances of his conception and birth, where the angel Gabriel appeared to Zecharyah the priest when he was carrying out his priestly duties in the holy place of the temple and told him his wife Elisheba would bear a son. Gabriel also told Zecharyah of the special purpose for the life of his son, to go ahead of the Messiah and prepare the way.

When the child was still very young, Elisheba fled with him to the hill tribes in the mountains as she and Zecharyah feared for the life of their little boy, born by a miracle in his mother’s older years. Zecharyah was in the temple after she had left when Herod’s guards were sent to question the priest about the whereabouts of his son. Zecharyah refused to tell them what they wanted to know and he was cut to pieces in the temple, together with seventy of his fellow priests who stood by him to the last.

Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life

Yahuah would have known that Adam and Eve would disobey Him and eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but He knew that there would be those who followed later who would love and obey Him willingly. Let us be among those who partake of the Tree of Life and attain Everlasting Life with Him.

Animals in the Ark

Just a few extra thoughts about the animals which were on the ark - we have covered the subject in the Articles including ‘Creation to Abraham’ - I was thinking that if animals indigenous to faraway countries were having to get back home and breed, there would have been two kangaroos trying to get back to Australia, two llamas heading for South America, two pandas hungrily aiming for the bamboo shoots of China, two polar bears going to the Arctic. This obviously did not happen as the animals on the ark were all indigenous to the area affected by the flood, shown in the map listed in our Articles Index “Map of Area of Noah’s Flood”.

Any person or animal going onto the ark would have been alive and well to leave the ark, as that was Yahuah’s instruction to Noah.

Yahusha our Messiah shows us the difference between

 the perfect law of the Father Yahuah which gives freedom and life

 and the rules of man which bring oppression

When it came to breaking down the Stumbling Blocks created by mankind and restating the merciful, sensible, logical laws of Yahuah Elohim, Yahusha the Messiah was an expert. When it came to showing up the man-made rules for the unmerciful, not sensible and illogical laws which they were, he excelled.

He was followed by some of the Pharisees and their spies with a view to bringing Him under condemnation, as He tore down their burdensome rules and regulations which they had imposed on the people. They were the ones who could be labelled as “legalistic” which term has been applied by some misguided teachers to the perfect Torah or instruction of Yahuah.

One instance was when Yahusha and His friends were hungry and picked some corn to eat from a field on the Sabbath. There was certainly a prohibition against working on the Sabbath which applied to crops being harvested on the day of rest, but it was never meant to apply to a hungry person picking an ear of corn from the corners of the field. In fact, the corners of the fields were ordered by Yahuah to be left for the poor and the traveller to satisfy their hunger.

Another instance is when He healed a woman on the Sabbath who had been bent over with a crippling disease for most of her lifetime. The pharisees did not see the miracle lovingly performed by the Messiah but only sought to condemn Him. To put this in the sense of our modern day, if you were resting on the Sabbath and someone had an accident on the road outside your house, would you not rush out and give whatever help you could to the victims?

And what about the time Yahusha was accused with His disciples of eating with unwashed hands? Were they dirty people who did not clean their hands before handling food? Not at all. The religious authorities had devised a law about ritual hand washing where the person had to pour a little water over the fingers from a specified kind of container and do it in a strict order.

Then there were those who paraded their good works at the temple before everyone to be seen giving money and dedicating it to temple use, while their old parents were short of food, clothing and a decent roof over their heads.

The man born blind! His story is so wonderful when he met up with Yahusha who mixed up some mud and plastered it over the eyes of the man. By the power of Yahuah the blind man was given eyes that could see for the first time. The man was dragged before the authorities to try to disprove what had happened, then his parents were brought in and grilled. What were they supposed to say? “Ooh, we always wondered whether he was only pretending to be blind”. No way!

I could go on and on with similar accounts, but you get the picture. Man imposed his own rules because he loves power over others, but Yahusha the Messiah showed them up for the hypocrites they were. His instruction or Torah is given to us through His love for us.

Praise His Name

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahuah!

Neville and June Shaw


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