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The Tribes of Israel

 and their punishment for idolatry

The Tribes of Israel are descended from the sons of Ya'acob (Jacob) and are Reuben, Gad, Yahudah, Shimon, Binyamin, Dan, Menassheh and Ephrayim (the two sons of Yoseph), Zebulun, Yissakar, Asher, Naphtali. Their genealogy is traced back through Isaac, Abraham, Noah, to Adam who was chosen to start the righteous line of people who actually knew their Creator.

Are they still around today? Yes, they certainly are, but very few of them know of their heritage. They have spread out over the centuries to lands such as Great Britain, Scandinavia, France and most of northern Europe and in the last few hundred years to Canada, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand. If you were to make a list of nations that have stable government and provision you would have a list of the tribes of Israel and their whereabouts today.

BUT........All of these democracies are being colonised by Islam to the extent that some of them are now 20% Muslim and their very rule of law is threatened by those who would be ruled by Sharia law.

Refugees are arriving in their tens of thousands from Arab lands and crossing the Mediterranean Sea to land in such places as Italy and Spain with a view to spreading over Europe. Many people are drowning when their boats capsize in the turbulent waters.

For many years under the Government in power at the time in Australia we had hundreds of boats arrive packed with so-called refugees and asylum seekers and some did not make landfall in their derelict craft and died at sea, especially the women and children. Many of these refugees were very able bodied young men and it became obvious that they were here to colonise Australia and not fleeing persecution in their homelands. The real refugees are living in camps for years waiting to be given sanctuary by countries in the West and are mainly mothers with their children.

Why is this happening?

The Tribes of Israel in Bemidbar (Numbers) chapter 34, were given lands for each tribe to have as their possession with the borders clearly defined “as Yahuah commanded Moses”.They were to live in obedience to the Torah given to them at Mount Sinai where every detail was given to them to enable them to love Yahuah and to love their neighbour and treat him fairly. The people could have a stranger live with them from another country, but he was not allowed to bring his paganism and strange gods with him.

In our world today it has become customary to open the western countries to multiculturalism and welcome strangers with their pagan religions which are all given a place. Indeed if anyone raises an objection to this, they are labelled “racist”. Thus we have temples, mosques all with their own god and adherents to these who are determined to take over the countries where they were granted sanctuary and impose their own laws and customs.

We cannot say we were not warned.

In the scriptures we have the example of the great and mighty Solomon, so blessed with wisdom, then reduced to a man living in disobedience to his Maker. He married a multitude of foreign wives, allowed them to bring their pagan gods with them, indeed he even had temples built to house their gods and worshipped with them. What a fool! Given a gift of wisdom beyond price and to end up in enmity with Yahuah who had blessed him.

 The surest predictor of the future is to look at the past, go back in history to see what occurred.

Go back to the twelve tribes of Israel, the Hebrew people chosen by Yahuah to be an example to the rest of the world and to live according to His commandments and to obey Him.

It is written in Bereshith (Genesis) that Adam walked in the garden and talked with Yahuah who would have been teaching him personally how to live. The gentile people at the time did not know Yahuah, but had their false gods of every description, often worshipping the sun which they revered as a god, the giver of life.

Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel and it was not long before trouble loomed in their lives as Cain killed Abel in a fit of jealous rage. Adam and Eve disobeyed Yahuah and partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil after Satan had promised them they would be as gods.

Even as Yahuah drove them angrily from the garden He promised that one day there would be a Saviour who would redeem His people. The Covenant with Adam is the Law of Sin and Death which simply put is this - you sin, you die.

Yahusha was taken captive in the Garden of Gethsemane by those who wanted to kill Him. They tortured and murdered Him.  They thought that was the end of the matter, but after three nights and three days in the ground He arose by the power of Yahuah and overcame death on our behalf. He became the First Fruits from the dead.

This marked the end of the Covenant with Adam, the Law of Sin and Death,

 and opened eternal life to anyone who loves and obeys the Torah of Yahuah.

The Covenant with Adam is the only Covenant that has been done away with. There are five Covenants in operation and the Seventh Covenant is still to come when He reclaims the earth and His redeemed people

 (See Article “The Seven Covenants of Yahuah” also Chart showing the Seven Covenants).

You would have thought that after Yahuah made Himself known to His chosen people through Adam that things would have gone smoothly, but no, that was not the case. Most of the people loved their idolatry, their sun god, their own will in everything. Yahuah gave them every chance to reform but when this did not happen He allowed their enemies to overtake them and lead them into captivity.

After Yahusha died and rose from the dead, he being the First Fruits of the redeemed, this was followed later by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on His followers on the Feast of Shavuot or Weeks. This was counted 50 days after First Fruits Offering and the Feast of Shavuot was given by Yahuah to His Hebrew people at Mount Sinai when the fire descended on the mountain and Moses was given the Ten Commandments for them to live by as His chosen people. We receive the Holy Spirit when Yahuah writes His Torah on our hearts, just as He wrote it on the tablets of stone for Moses and the people at Mount Sinai.

After the Lamb of Yahuah was sacrificed there were many people who had denied that He was the Messiah. They continued the sacrifice of lambs at the temple until the temple was destroyed by invaders who burnt it and pried apart the stones to retrieve the melted gold from the temple vessels, leaving not a stone upon a stone. Yahuah allowed this to happen because of those who rejected His Lamb.

When Yahusha’s people gathered at the temple to observe the Feast of Shavuot the fire came down and tongues of flame came out to every one of them and they were filled with the Ruach haQodesh or Holy Spirit and the Torah or instructions of Yahuah was written not on stone but straight onto their hearts.


This was the next step in the plan of Yahuah for the redemption of mankind.

The Law of Sin and Death was annulled and eternity with Him opened up before us.

Next came an act of disobedience that was equal to the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

After this momentous happening, the outpouring of the Spirit, we see that there were people who headed back into disobedience to Yahuah. The deadly lie was spread by the self-willed ones that Yahusha did away with the Father’s Torah, laws and commandments and started a new thing called the “church” (named for the pagan goddess Circe). He came to fulfil the Father’s will and live by His Torah.  

One third of the people of the world are adherents in name to the so-called Christian churches, starting with the Great Harlot the Catholic system which commenced when the Emperor Constantine melded the Faith into paganism and sun god worship. The daughters of the harlot are the myriad of Christian churches with their Nicolaitan systems of government and if the people in these churches do not repent and return to Yahuah’s plan they will go down with their harlot mother.

The Sermon on the Mount is recorded in Matthew chapter 5. In verses 17-19 we read

“Do not think that I came to destroy the Torah or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to complete. For truly, I say to you, till the heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall by no means pass from the Torah till all be done. Whoever, then, breaks one of the least of these commands, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the reign of the heavens, but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the reign of the heavens”.

Please read 2 Melakim (Kings):17 to see how the tribes of Israel sank to the depths of disobedience and idolatry. This has been a recurring pattern throughout their history and still is happening right now. They were in Egypt for 400 years as slaves until Moses was chosen by Yahuah to deliver them. Even when they were being given the Commandments of Yahuah there were some who were rebellious, fashioning a golden calf to represent the gods of Egypt, Apis and Hathor, which they had just left. The tribes of Israel in their lands of plenty still love their idolatry and are under punishment and being colonised by Islam. If you can see that this is a punishment for idolatry, then consider what is that idolatry.

Also see Amos 6:14 and 1 Chronicles 5:25,26.


Neville and June Shaw

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