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The Great Tribulation

Jacob's trouble in the revelation of the end times to Daniel and John

7th month of 2013 Tabernacles

Passover 2014

Tabernacles 2014

Passover 2015

Tabernacles 2015

Passover 2016

Tabernacles 2016

Passover 2017

Tabernacles 2017

All these dates are possible

30 days

False Messiah coming Matt24:24

1290 days Daniel 12:11

1st Woe torment Revelation 9:12

2nd Woe earthquake Revelation  11:13

3rd Woe persecution Revelation  12:12

Abomination of desolation set up Daniel12:11

1335 days Daniel 12:12 

----------45 days----------

The image is set up Dan 11:31 Rev 13:12

Temple cleansing 2300 evenings and mornings

1150 days Daniel  8:13,14 and 26

Saints tormented for

 140 days Rev 9:5

Feast of Tabernacles 2017

120th Jubilee after Adam

Daily sacrifice  stopped Dan 8:11

It will be for a time (360 days), times (720 days) and half a time (180 days). And when they have scattered the power of the Set-apart people, then all of these times will be completed.

Total 1260 days Daniel 12:7

Secret revealed Revelation 10:7

Israel is nourished Revelation 12:14

Son of perdition revealed   2Thess 2:3

1st Seal White horse overcoming conquering Revelation  6:2

2nd Seal Red horse, war and death Revelation 6:3-4

3rd Seal Black horse famine Revelation 6:5-6

4th Seal Pale horse, death Revelation 6:7-8

5th Seal martyrdom of the saints Revelation  6:9-11

6th Seal earthquake, darkness Revelation  6:12-16

7th Seal. half hour of silence in heaven Revelation 8:1

Some still  deceived by lying signs and wonders 2Thess 2:9

Babylon destroyed Revelation 17:3-11

Spirits of demons gathering and  deceiving Revelation 16:14

1st Trumpet hail and fire Revelation  8:7

2nd  Trumpet blood and death Revelation 8:8-9

3rd Trumpet wormwood waters made bitter Revelation  8:10-11

4th Trumpet sun and stars smitten Revelation 8:12

5th Trumpet bottomless pit opened Revelation  9:1-11

6th Trumpet    a third of mankind slain Revelation 9:13-21

7th Trumpet mystery unveiled Revelation  10:7

Armageddon The great war between good and evil. Revelation 16:16

A new heaven and a new earth Revelation 21:1

The mark of the beast is SUNDAY SABBATH Revelation 13:16,17

2 witnesses  prophesy Rev 11:3

1260 days Revelation 11:3-6

Two witnesses are killed Revelation  11:7-10

After 3 1/2 days they are raised Revelation 11:11-12

The temple is filled with the glory of Yahuah. Revelation 15:8

Marriage Feast of the Lamb Revelation 19:7-9

Babylon is judged

 Revelation 17:5

1st Plague sores on mankind Revelation  16:2

2nd Plague seas became as blood Revelation 16:3

3rd Plague rivers turn to blood Revelation  16:4-7

4th Plague sun scorch of men Revelation 16:8-9

5th Plague pain and darkness Revelation 16:10-11

6th Plague drought, waters dried  Revelation 16:12-16

7th Plague A Voice from Heaven "IT IS DONE" Rev 16:17

144,000 arrive at Mt Zion Revelation 14:3

Saints reign 1000 years Revelation  20:2,3

False prophet and beast deceiving miracles Rev13:13-14

 The beast fatally wounded and healed Revelation 13:3

The beast reigns for 42 months (1260 days) Rev 13 : 5 Gentiles trample the set-apart city for 42 months.  Rev  11 : 2  Those whose names have not been written in The Book of Life of the slain Lamb will worship the beast.

The false prophet and the beast are destroyed Rev 19 :20

"Behold I make all things new" Revelation 21:5

144,000 servants sealed. Revelation 7:4

1917 "The Balfour Declaration". Lord Balfour of  Great Britain proposes a permanent home in Palestine for the Jewish people. This was the 118th Jubilee

1967 The"Khartom Resolution" Arab resolution after the Six Day War. No recognition, no negotiation or peace with Israel for evermore. This was the 119th Jubilee

This is the first resurrection Revelation 20:5

It is done!!

All of the blue colour represents the duration of the prophetic time periods

Note that 2017 is the 120th Jubilee after Adam.  All of the dates used are Hebrew Calendar dates.  Daniel's calendar years are of 360 days.

Yahusha Returns HalleluYah

Neville Shaw, www.creationtoeternity.com

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